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Games Mission and Operation

  • Goals of the Games:

    • To Offer physically challenged youth the exciting opportunity to participate in competitive sports and recreational activities adapted to best suit their unique abilities.

    • To encourage promotion of sports for physically challenged individuals of all ages.

    • To enable youth to learn and develop skills required for a successful experience in sports competition and fitness.

    • To familiarize the general public with the abilities of physically challenged individuals.

  • Sports achievements emphasize the abilities of the athletes, and help them develop confidence and self-esteem. Success encourages an interest in sports activity and lays the foundation for the athlete to continue on to adult competition, if they so choose.

  • Open to athlete’s ages 5 – 21 years of age with a Physical Challenge.

  • Physical Challenges include: Amputee, Blind and Visually Impaired, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Spinal Cord Injured and Les Autres, a French term meaning “the other”, (Muscular Dystrophy, Dwarfism, Arthrogryposis, Cardiac or Pulmonary Disorders as well as Traumatic Brain Injuries).

  • Competitive Events include: Track Events (Ambulatory, Wheelchair and Power Wheelchair), Field Events adapted for all Physical Challenges, Swimming, Archery, Table Tennis, and Slalom (Courses are set up to accommodate Ambulatory, Wheelchair and Blind/Visually Impaired athletes).

  • Each Athlete competes against other athletes of the same age group, same sex and same classification. Classifications are broken down according to Physical Challenges listed above and then again by the severity within the specific Physical Challenge. Example: Cerebral Palsy has eleven separate classifications. Please refer to the Application Booklet for further explanation of Classification breakdowns.

  • Athletes compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, as well as fourth, fifth and sixth place ribbons. All others receive a “Personal Best” ribbon for their accomplishments.

*****School Coaches*****

Please contact Susan Maxwell at for more information on how to register your students as a team.

       Phone: (516) 903-1139

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